about us

Fastchooser used to be a different project, but it has been rebranded and turned into a social network of a new type, similar to our other project called Letterevo.

Now, our platform is dedicated to the main question that worries almost everyone in this world: how to make money online? Read more about the project.


Khramov Dmitry Anatolyevich โ€” co-founder of the project, web developer, web designer, author of articles. He has been fond of programming since childhood, mastered web developing on his own, and has been working professionally in this field for more than three years.

He also has honed the skill of writing over the years to become an eloquent writer. Therefore, writing an abstruse article, a sarcastic story, a masterpiece of a poem, or a song is a piece of cake for him.

Pavlova Marina Vyacheslavna โ€” co-founder, SEO copywriter, content manager, author of articles. Has experience of writing articles in Russian and English for about two years. She takes information from various sources, including sources in English, to maintain objectivity in the articles.

The creators of the site are always open to everything new, welcome self-improvement and creativity, and are also interested in socio-economic development.

Due to the fact that at this stage, humanity, including the creators of the site, survives within the framework of capitalism, it was decided to develop a platform for choosing the best strategy for making money in modern conditions.